Are you thinking about your career? Want to start something new? Why not consider a career in the trade industry? A concrete finisher perhaps? Here’s why we think choosing a career in concrete construction has lots of advantages and you should really consider it:

Quick start career with good pay:  No college degree required! Start with a high school diploma – that’s all you need.  Starting wages are $30-40,000/year and go up based on experience.

Awesome lifelong potential: There will always be concrete work that needs to be done. Concrete construction skills transfer from state to state. Be employable no matter where you want to live.

Learn from the best: Receive on-the-job training and mentorship from experienced concrete finishers. You’ll get hands-on training while you invest in learning a lifelong trade.

Great advancement possibilities: Work up to a construction management career–from laborer to flatwork finisher to foreman to site superintendent to estimator to project manager.

Love your job: Spend your days outdoors where there is always a change of scenery (different job sites). Take pride in building projects around the community. Concrete projects will be around for decades. Be artistic! Take imperfect ingredients (cement, water, rock, sand) and mold them into something creative and cool.

Be part of an awesome family: be a valuable team member, be part of the “concrete brotherhood”!

Be a concrete laborer/finisher/foreman!

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