3 Ways to Save Money in Construction Business

  1. Replace Old Technology with Newer Technology: Old and outdated technology can hinder the productivity of employees and can actually increase your expenses. Here’s how to trim the cost.
  • Investigate the technology you’re using and research if there are speedy options available to reduce your overall cost in the long run.
  • Consider green technology. The initial investment may be steep but it can definitely reduce costs in the long run.
  • There is constantly new software being invented to help companies run more efficiently. Make sure you know you have options!


  1. Manage Your Fleet Cost-Efficiently: Your business requires trucks and other heavy machinery and equipment on a daily basis. This fleet runs at a very hefty cost between fuel and upkeep alone.
  • Analyze your fleet and estimate how much you need to spend every month depending on the size and quantity of it.
  • Replace old vehicles and equipment that aren’t used anymore with new and more energy efficient ones so that you can save money in the long run. If you’re on a budget, try renting them!


  1. Hire Multi-Tasking Employees: Make sure to hire workers who can handle multitasking and who are willing to go the extra mile. The benefits of hiring multitasking individuals are
  • They can extract maximum productivity from each employee and therefore eliminate more downtime.
  • They complete jobs in a timely manner which increased company rapport. This helps the companies reputation which allows in the growth in the long run.

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4 Reasons Businesses Should Hire A Construction Company

There are a lot of different factors that go into a construction project and if you’re a business looking to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency then you’re going to want to know these 4 reasons why hiring a construction company is right for you. (more…)

Best Place to Tailgate could be your own Backyard

Do you know why your own backyard is the best place to tailgate for football games?


Because it’s your backyard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just like your favorite team loves playing at home and dominates on their own turf, you can take tailgating to the next level when you don’t even have to leave your driveway.

Sure, you can brave the traffic to tailgate downtown to watch your Philadelphia Eagles or favorite college team. But you might end up in the hot sun or a half mile from a porta potty.

Not fun.

So the best way to gameplan against all that trouble is to have the perfect place to tailgate at home. A nice living room with a monster TV is fine, but football was made to watch outdoors.


You can make that a reality by creating your own mini stadium at home on the back patio. Don’t come in half stepping like a scared quarterback on a winless team though. You want to make sure your backyard setup is perfect for all your buddies to enjoy along with their wives.

The smell of ribs on the grill set out on a beautiful stone patio, with a mini waterfall on the side, is a sports fan’s dream!

And don’t forget the kids.

You don’t want your children hanging out with the enemy’s kids down the street on gameday. You know, the guy with the team flag from a college 2,000 miles away.



You want to make your tailgating facility top notch so all the neighborhood kids come to your home field.

There’s lots of ways to make that happen.

  • A stone fireplace for those cold winter nights as the football season winds down. You don’t even need a TV when you have a fire going. Good thing too, because football season doesn’t last forever.
  • A scenic walkway that winds along your lovely flower beds makes for a relaxing space as guests arrive for the gameday eats.
  • The perfect backdrop for your prized big screen TV is a powerful retaining wall that reminds you of that timeless football stadium that you visited as a kid.

Take a look around our showcase photos on the website. I know you’ll see some options that will take your backyard tailgating to the next level.  

Stone Patio

There’s nothing like having a perfect setting to watch your favorite team take the field each weekend. Not to mention watching your little boy fall asleep on your lap as the game ends in overtime late into the night.

You’ll appreciate a patio made for tailgating even more as the years pass. That sleepy kid you toted to his bed after the big wins, will no doubt grow up and return year after year to catch games with you all.


One day bringing his own family by to tailgate in the backyard you took time to make so special.

Tailgating is all about family and community. Making that a reality just a few steps away from your own refrigerator and couch may sound too good to be true.

But with a backyard addition here and there, you will be the king of tailgate parties on your block.

Feel free to use those bragging rights on the rival neighbor down the road with his tattered team flag.

And please let us know how we can help.


Replace those old steps this weekend!!

Some things are cool to keep around the house even after they have a ton of miles on them. Outdated or damaged steps do not make the list I’m afraid.


GB construction picture 4

Unsightly stairs leading to your home are not like that 12-year old German Shepherd. You love that animal as much as your spouse!

So you put up with the shedding and chewed up remote controls, along with your pet’s lazy disposition in his old age.

Likewise, you are still hanging on to those bedroom slippers with holes in the toe area. But dang it….. they are still the softest shoes known to mankind.

On the other hand, there’s nothing nostalgic about pitted or chipped steps leading to your front door or back deck. If they need replacing or re-poured, then how about making plans to do just that.

You’re not remodeling the bathroom and being forced to use the tiny second bathroom upstairs for weeks. This little project can be done in a day.

We’d love to transform your “accident waiting to happen,” into an elegant entrance to the interior of your home. You won’t believe the selection of materials available compared to just ten years ago.


You get the picture right? It’s night and day going from decade old steps to a solid built stairway made of your choice of stone.


If you need some specific reasons to replace your exterior steps, we have you covered.


  • Most importantly, you could fall on stairs that are no longer sturdy. They won’t magically become more stable if they are shaky currently.
  • What kind of impression do visitors get when they walk up your front steps? It is the path they take to the inside of your home. Who says people don’t judge a book by its cover?
  • With decrepit old stairs you run the risk of them affecting the stability of the handrail as it loosens from chipped stone. Not to mention hurting the looks of the area where you hang out for BBQs and chillax on a swing.


  • Curb appeal applies to anything folks see from the street. Unless your steps are camouflaged (please don’t) they affect the view from the curb.
  • If and when you sell your house, people will notice ragged stairs leading them to their potential new home. A simple replacement project could be the difference between getting the sale early in the process and having to wait.Stair walkway

To sum up, I’m not judging you for hanging onto things past their prime. My wife has let me hang around well after I hit my peak.

Just make sure you’re keeping the right things around that don’t need replacing, no matter how many years are tacked on them.

Watching that old dog lumber up some newly redone stone steps to find his favorite chew toy (latest tech device in the home) is a great scene to shoot for.


I’d hate to see a lawyer show up at your house representing that German Shepherd in a slip and fall case because of those ancient steps that finally wore out their welcome!