Sidewalk Services

The exterior of your property matters just as much as the interior. This is a fact which has been sadly neglected for too long. But times are changing. More of us are now realizing that curb appeal matters in home and business. You’ll struggle to settle if you’re always returning to a house which doesn’t look the part. Equally, you can bet that customers won’t touch your Montgomery County, PA business if it seems a mess from the outside. This is why G&B Construction should be your go-to concrete contractors in Philadelphia. We take care of curb appeal for homes and businesses, including concrete sidewalks and concrete curbing.

Concrete Sidewalks

We’re a Philadelphia-based company, operating within Montgomery, PA, and surrounding areas. We care about offering you concrete sidewalks which complete your exteriors. We have a collected 150 years of experience with everything from concrete pavers in Blue Bell to sidewalks of all shapes and sizes. And, we want to bring our expertise to your yard.

The benefits our women-led team can bring to your sidewalk installation include –

  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Impeccable work sites
  • Adherence to local regulations
  • Attentive customer service

And, we promise to do it all while providing you with concrete sidewalks and concrete curbing which stand the test of time. So, what’s stopping you from calling us at 215-919-6600 to discuss your curb appeal today?

Concrete sidewalks at home

If your outside space doesn’t look the part, you probably aren’t going to spend time there. And, if you don’t spend time there then your curb appeal could soon start to suffer. That’s why you need to call G&B Contractors today to install sidewalks, complete with concrete curbing, which encourages you to get outside.

We provide sidewalks in private gardens across Montgomery County, PA and more. Our extensive skills and experience mean that we can work with you to lay all new sidewalks which lead around your garden, or up to one of our Doylestown, PA concrete driveways. Or, we can repair or replace a sidewalk which has somehow slipped into disrepair.

All you need to do to feel these benefits and more is call us for a free estimate at 215-919-6600 or leave a message on our ‘contact us’ page.

Concrete sidewalks at work

Sidewalks matter for any business in or around Montgomery County, PA. Taking care of curb appeal is the only way to send the right message to passing customers. But, business-based sidewalks don’t stop there. If you neglect this area, you could soon fall foul to –

  • Legal problems due to injury
  • Expensive repairs
  • Lost profits
  • Closure due to breaching health and safety regulations

You could go as far as to say, then, that your sidewalks determine your success. That’s why we at G&B Construction will always work with you and any necessary regulations to keep your company on top . We can even offer concrete curbing which ensures that your Montgomery County, PA sidewalks look the business for a long time to come.

Take a look at some of our past work, and get some ideas for your next project!