If you want more out of a patio, walkway, or driveway then you definitely want to check out stamped concrete options. Professional concrete stampers turn the mundane surface into something beautiful.

How do pros make this happen? Let us explain…

professional concrete patios
We’ve all seen the HGTV shows about a craftsman turning a common item into a work of art. A carpenter heads to the flea market then flips a barstool into a rustic chandelier. He uses the right skills and tools to make this magic happen. Turning an ordinary concrete patio, walkway, or driveway into a textured surface that catches the neighbor’s jealous eye is the same process.

A stamped concrete artist has the skills and the tools to make the transformation possible. They don’t learn this overnight of course. Talent like that comes from years and sometimes decades of learning on the job. We’ve been in the construction business for 150 combined years here at G&B Construction. There is little we have not seen when it comes to concrete work of all kinds.

concrete patio work
That kind of experience is what you want if you are considering a stamped concrete addition to your property. You don’t want a rookie doing your concrete work by your pool, do you?

Most homeowners prefer a company that has been around for a long time. Sometimes they want a company that their neighbors have used and have referred them to.

It’s kind of like going to a salon or barber shop. You want some solid recommendations before putting your head on the chopping block. You want to have trust in the good folks shaping your hair. Pros have the right skills and tools to make us look our best. You want the same type of professionals working on your patio, walkway, or driveway. You are going to have to look at those areas every time you enter and leave your house.

patterned stamped concrete patio
So you might be wondering what kinds of colors and patterns are available with stamped concrete? The options are limited to your imagination (and budget of course). Here are a few styles you can get with stamped concrete:

  • Tile for traditionalists
  • Brick for lovers of this timeless material
  • Abstract for you modern art lovers

Along with these elegant options comes the basic benefit of working with concrete. It is one of the most durable surfaces ever made. It can last 25-50 years when done by professionals. You can have something beautiful and tough at the same time!

concrete patio
Don’t get us wrong. There is not a thing wrong with a normal concrete walkway, patio, or driveway. We love the look of a newly poured driveway on a home that a newlywed couple built starting out. Or a 30-year-old patio pressure washed to look all spiffy for an anniversary party for the grandparents at their original homestead. If loving concrete is wrong, we don’t want to be right – as the old song says.

We know that concrete stamping is a tremendous technique that puts an amazing spin on a common product. An antique bar stool looks nice the way it is found. It has history. Just like a ponytail is just fine for most ladies. But when the barstool is turned into a conversation piece by coming out of its normal shell, that’s exciting. Or your friend comes out of the salon with a fresh perm, that’s cause for some gushing.

Find more pictures here!

We believe the same happens when a home or business adds some art to their concrete surfaces with stamping. It is an affordable and practical way to upgrade the aesthetics of hard surfaces. Is concrete stamping on your radar? Let’s talk about it today! Call us at 215-919-6600 or send us a message!

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